In humanistic psychotherapy approach people who are suffering psycho-emotional conflicts are not considered as mentally ill, therefore there is no diagnosis or any type of remedy is prescribed since humanistic therapists do not cure our clients, we only help them to discover where to look and how deep they have to go to find their own resources, which are what are going to give back them the good way and meaning to their life and, therefore, what is going to get them out of suffering. Thus, I do not understand humanistic psychotherapy as a health activity but as a practical and existential counseling in which the therapist accompanies the client in a process of self-discovery. By satisfying their unmet basic needs and changing the impediments of their belief system, the person returns by itself to his natural process of development as a human being.

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Humanistic psichotherapy (Counselling) – Ericksonian Hipnotherapy
Brief Psychotherapy by goals.
Online psychotherapy (Skype). Studies, practices and my own psychotherapy with Margarita Méndez – Barcelona. 2002 to 2005. Graduated from the Erickson Institute of Madrid in Ericksonian Psychotherapy and Hypnosis. 2005 (Recognized by the Milton Erickson Foundation – Phoenix, AZ, USA). Among others. 17 years of private practice as humanistic psychotherapist.


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NOTE: I don’t work with children. I don’t accept drug abuse cases.